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As lead Graphic Designer at GTMA I've established a Branding & Design pipeline and division within the company. I now create branding for a wide range of multi-family and general market clients, while looking for any opportunity I can find to draw a cool space dude. 

Cosmic Coffee Circles-01.png

Vantage Mar Vista Branding
Project Lead, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Naming, Brand Book Creation, & Copywriting.

Cosmic Coffee T-shirt Art
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Valet Market Social Ads
Client Work for Accel Robotics & Valet Market.

Graphic Design, Animation & Editing.


Let's Talk Cats Poster

Tongue-in-cheek Concept and Execution.
Click for details. 

GTMA Punching Before and After_1.gif

Captain GTMA Promotional Video
Storyboarding & Final Illustration Work.
Click for full video. 

Intergalactic Voyage.jpg
Darkness page 1.jpg

Two-issue Zine and Web Comic. 

Illustration and Writing.

Intergalactic Voyage
Activity Book and Zine. 
Illustration and Writing.

Cyberpunk Cityscape_Erik Werth_Fall 2018
Spooked Crew Member 1.png
Yellow Red Spaceman.png

Sci-fi Illustrations 

Slave Traders1.8.2.jpg

God is a Gardener
Client Work for Vancouver Church.

Collaborative Scriptwriting w/ Client, Storyboarding, Art Direction, Illustration.

GDC_PSPB_Fall 2019_Victors House Party_D

Victor's House Party
Client Work for PSPB.
Digital and Print Event Promotion.

GDC_Erik Werth_Bike Hub Expiriments 3.0-
Open Your Mind 1.6.jpg

Art Posters

Concept and Execution.

ResMan Virtual Tours
Client Work for ResMan.

Developed within the ResMan Brand.

Storyboarding, Art Direction, Illustration.

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